I have gathered some of my personal favorite documentaries for you to dive into if you are curious about Ayahuasca ceremonies, have a general interest in nature or wish to learn more about plant medicine.

I sometimes get asked if I can recommend a documentary about Ayahuasca or plant medicine in general, but the truth is I haven’t watched that many myself. Diving into the world of plant medicine is such a personal journey and it can be very hard to depict. I often find that there are aspects in a documentary that doesn’t really resonate with me one way or another – especially when it comes to Ayahuasca ceremonies.

But here are a few that will at least give you an idea of what the world of plant medicineit is about and why nature is so amazing. I will of course update it as I find more relevant content. Enjoy!

The Nature of Ayahuasca

In this documentary we are introduced to many aspects of Ayahuasca and the use of plant medicine as a means to heal. What to expect, how to prepare oneself and the importance of integration. It also touches upon the rising challenges we are facing as the Ayahuasca industry is growing. It is free to watch on youtube.

RECONNECT – THE MOVIE: Featuring Dennis McKenna, Jordan Peterson, Dr Joe Dispenza & More

I saw this movie recently and think it gives a good idea of some of the challenges we are facing as a society. I especially liked how it depicts the challenges that arises after you return from your Ayahuasca ceremonies and it is time to integrate. Ayahuasca is no quick fix – it takes dedication and hard work. RECONNECT – THE MOVIE is free to watch on youtube.


This is an absolutely amazing and beautiful film and one of my favorite documentaries. It teaches us about the magic world of fungi, how mycelium works and how much healing potential nature has to offer. It is currently available on Netflix or you can rent or buy it here. You can check out the movie trailer to begin with.

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