I have been teaching yoga since 2018 and teach classic hatha yoga as well as yin yoga. I prefer the softer, slow paced yoga styles which also shows in the gentle way I teach. In the calendar you can see my upcoming yoga events.

Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Mind. Body. Spirit.

What is yoga

Yoga is a more than 5000 year old Indian philosophy that is built around the physical en mental wellbeing of the body. Today the term yoga is mainly connected to that of the 5 paths which concerns the body and breath. The classic style of yoga, hatha yoga, is built up around a row of asanas (yoga poses) that you move into and stay in for a certain amount of time. Each asana may challenge you in a different way whether it be for balance, strenght or staying in a stretch.

Today there are numerous styles of yoga that range from the very soft restorative yoga to the more dynamic ashtanga yoga. There is more or less a style for every taste and what you need one day might not be what you need the next. My focus and my teachings involve the softer types of yoga, where I like to keep the energy in the room gentle and loving.

Mary’s yoga classes are characterized by presence, calmness and humour. It’s a fantastic combination that makes all the difference for me. I always leave her classes feeling calm and reset.

– Louise

Hatha and Yin Yoga

The intensity of hatha yoga can vary deeply. It can be very dynamic and challenge you in strenght and balance. It can also be softer with a greater focus on balance, breathing and stretching. In my classes I like to get around the whole body and I will adapt the intensity to the students and the theme of the day or class. I will often combine my hatha and yin teachings in one class and I might also combine sound therapy to a class.

Yin yoga is a much softer type of yoga that can challenge you in it’s own way. We move into asanas and stay in the poses for 3-5 minutes, which can be a challenge in itself. The point is to switch the focus from stretching muscles to working on the fascia around the muscles. In yin yoga we often use different kinds of props such as a belt, a block or a bolster to make the poses comfortable.

Mary has a special ability to sense what the students need on the particular day and I always leave a class with renewed energy. Mary is and informal and down to earth person that always creates a great atmosphere in her classes.

– Britt

Yoga is for everyone

Many people will stay away from the yoga studio because they feel they are not slim or flexible enough. But here I just have to say – YOGA IS FOR EVERYONE! The amazing thing with yoga is that it will always meet you exactly where you are, whether it is your first yoga class or you are an experiences yogi. Yoga is not about getting your leg behind your neck or doing a hand stand. Yoga is about being exactly where you are right now and being in the present moment. It is about doing something great for yourself. Yoga is indeed sacred medicine for your body, mind and spirit.