Teachings from Lavender

Lavender is one of the plants I have come to know quite well and that I work with very often. Her calming yet strong nature has been a big teacher for me – especially when it comes to self love. I have so much love for this amazing plant.

The first time she presented herself to me for real was about three weeks after I returned from my first journey to the jungle. Having been gone for 2 months my calendar was packed with work and social gatherings and it was all a bit of an overload to my newly sensitive system. I was preparing for a Cacao ceremony when suddenly Lavender was all I could think of, so for the first time I added Lavender to my Cacao. Lavender was present with me all of that day and guided me to go slow. She brought out a new way of being creative and I got a strong sense that she was all about SELF LOVE.

What is a Plant Initiation?

Before I go into detail of my experiences with Lavender, let me just explain what a plant initiation is to me. It can not at all be compared to the dietas I have done in the jungle but the overall idea is of course the same – it is all about connecting with a plant spirit. Where the jungle dietas are about establishing a deep connection to your teacher plants, these smaller plant initiations are more of a meet-and-greet with a plant. Like a small introduction to what this plant has to offer.

A plant initiation for me will usually last for 2,5 days (compared to the jungle dietas that are closer to 3 weeks) and will either be a full or partial fast. This may vary from plant to plant. The main thing is that I dedicate my focus, my time and all of my attention on tuning into this plant. I drink tea from the plant, smoke it in my pipe (if possible), make a lotion from the plant and what else is possible with this specific plant. I try to keep my body as clean and pure from all other things. Then I listen carefully and let myself be guided by the plant. If you are curious about mini diets like this I can recommend a book by Carole Guyett called Sacred Plant Initiations. She gives many suggestions of how to go about it.

Lavender’s personality

I have much love for this beautful plant, who keeps surprising me again and again. She has turned out to be a bit of a stubborn and pushy lady that will make sure she gets her things through. When I entered my first plant initiation with her, I had actually planned to spend the days with Chamomile and so this is what I had prepared for. But in the morning when I was about to do my opening ceremony, Lavender was all over the place.

“Wait a minute!” Lavender said “I called out for you first.” And it was true. She actually did present herself to me first, so all of a sudden I felt guilty for planning a different minidiet. Luckily Chamomile patiently stepped aside.

During my second plant initiation with her I learned that it is easier to just do as she asks. She wanted me to go into a ceremony, which I kept postponing, so instead she made it impossible for me to focus my thoughts on anything. This gives you an idea of the strong will she has.

But there are so many sides to her personality. I have also met the fun, bubbly and down-to-earth Lavender as well as the calm, soothing and soft spirited Lavender. There is so much love in this plant and she shows us how to find it in different circumstances.

All about self love

Lavender has been one of my teachers when it comes to aspects of self love. She has showed me so many different shades of self love and everytime I think I have it figured out she takes it to a new level. When I expcted self love to be about hot baths and slow days, she showed me that it can indeed also be the complete opposite.

Self love is about prioritizing time to yourself once in a while so you can rest and rejuvinate. Yes. But self love is also to actively pursue your dreams and make them come true.

This beautiful, warm and loving plant has so much to teach us about ourselves and how we live our lives. She has become a wonderful plant ally to me and I know that if she shows up all of a sudden, it most likely has something to do with me not taking good enough care of myself.

A strong plant ally

Some of the teachings I have received from her has evolved around the deep relationship between humans and Lavender throughout history. Well known for her strong and aromatic scent, her flowers were used as perfume in all sort of ways; women would wear Lavender flowers in their bossoms and her scent would be used to attract someone they loved. It is generally thought that she got her name from the Latin word lavare, which means ‘to wash’ and it tells of a time where old baths would be infused with Lavender.

But this is the only the beginning of it. She presented herself to me as ‘the Healer’s friend’ and took me on a long journey throughout history. Here she has assisted healers, nurses and midwives for centuries. She has been to so many wars with us, working to heal soldies and wounded men. Throughout plagues and pandemics she has fought to keep the diseases at bay. She has protected the sick and eased the fears of the dying. For countless of births she has assisted midwives and mothers to deliver their babies.

She is so full of strenght and determination and it seems she is always right there by our side to help us.

Healing properties of Lavender

Listed below are some of the many healing propeties of Lavender. You should always consult a herbalist before using a plant against diseases and always watch carefully how your body reacts.


  • Antiseptic and reduces pain
  • Excellent for anything skin related
  • Healing wounds
  • Used against insect bites
  • Improves digestion
  • Induces labor


  • Calming for the nervous system
  • Reduced stress
  • Induces sleep
  • Works with our dreams
  • Antidepressant
  • Stabilising moodswings

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