Sound Therapy

Cacao and Gong Bath

What is Sound Therapy

There are many different ways to work with sound therapy. My focus is to use the sounds and vibrations as a means in your personal healing journey. This can be by guiding you through a sound journey or by working directly with the vibrations on your body. I work intuitively with my voice and the instruments and let myself be guided in each session whether it is an individual session or a sound journey for a group. I find that Cacao and sound therapy also go very well hand in hand and like to combine the two.

Examples of sessions could be:

  • Individual sound therapy session
  • Individual singing bowl session
  • Sound or gong bath
 60 minute individual Singing Bowl session500,00 DKK
60 minute individual Sound Therapy session  500,00 DKK¬†
 90 minute individual Cacao + Sound Therapy session700,00 DKK 

What a session looks like

When you come to a sound therapy session you want to make sure that you wear comfortable clothes without zippers and buttons. It is also a good idea to drink water throughout the day so your body is hydrated when you arrive.

Before the session begins we will have a talk about your intention and what you would like to work with. When the session begins you will be asked to lay down and I will cover you with a blanket. It is important that you are comfortable.

No session is ever the same and I work very intuitively. I will most likely be placing and activating tibetan singing bowls on your body and use a lot of other instruments including my voice. I never know in advance which exact instruments I will use or in which order but feel the energy of the room and ask my guides.

Setting an intention

Whether you come for an individual sound healing session that is tailored specifically to you or participate in a gong bath it can be helpful to set an intention for yourself. What is it that you wish to work with right here and now? It can be many things of course so here are a few examples to give you an idea and some inspiration:

  • You feel stuck in your life and need some clarity on where to go from here
  • You keep repeating the same patterns and need to change them
  • You have physical blockages in your body
  • Your nervous system is on high alert and you need to ground yourself

I have never tried anything like the singing bowl massage I received. The sound in itself was soothing but the vibrations I felt were very releasing and it was like theu were able to reach places that were otherwise not accessible. Once I relaxed into it I disappeared into my own world and it was very meditative.

– Laura

Vibrations as medicine

Through science we know that everything has a vibration. All atoms and cells in the human body has its own oscillation and frequency and these are the vibrations we work with through sound therapy.

When sound and water is combined you can visibly see the vibrations as ripples in the water and it is possible to see beautiful symmetric patterns. Up to 60% of our body consists of water so when we work with sound healing and vibrations we work with the body on a cellular level. With the sounds we are able to penetrate and loosen blockages in the body and hence restore imbalances.

Throughout a session you might experience that you enter a deep meditation like state similar to the state just before you fall asleep. This is very normal. You are still aware of everything around you, but the parasympathetic nervous system is activated letting your body completely relax. Should you become so relaxed that you fall asleep you can be assured that the vibrations will still work on your body.

My own journey with sound therapy

I was introduced to the world of sound therapy after I became a masseuse. The first time I experienced a singing bowl massage my body became more relaxed than it had ever been before and I knew that this was something I had to dive deeper into. When I completed my Yin Yoga Teacher Training in India in 2019 I bought my first set of tibetan singing bowls. I then came across a training course with Vita de Lux in Copenhagen to become a Sound Therapy Practicioner and this was the beginning of a new path of mine.