Welcome to the shop. If you find anything you like please contact me and I will ship it to you or you can pick it up in Østerbro.

Homemade Body Scrubs

I make my Body Scrubs with organic coconut oil, essential oils and some of them also have dried flowers or herbs in them. I prefer to custom make my Body Scrubs so you get them as fresh as possible and you can choose between a Salt Body Scrubs if you prefer big grains or a Sugar Body Scrubs that is a bit more gentle. Choose between:

Lemon & Cedar – Eucalyptus & Lemon – Eucalyptus & Pine – Lavender & Pine – Patchouli – Chamomile – Coconut & Peppermint – Coconut & Apple Flower

Salt or Sugar Body Scrub – 50 ml – 50,00 kr.

Salt og Sugar Body Scrub – 200 ml – 100,00 kr.

As the body scrubs are too delicate to ship you can pick them up in Østerbro.

From around the World

You can use the mala as a necklace or to hold during your meditations: 50,00 kr. (3 pieces left)

Gift card with envelope decorated in beautiful golden design: 10,00 kr. (Green/Gold 4 pieces, Creme/Gold 8 pieces left)

Beautiful earrings from India: 80,00 kr.

Delicate loop earrings ‘gold’: 80,00 kr.

Delicate loop earrings ‘silver’: 80,00 kr.

Handmade tunics from India. Onesize but fits small-large. Styles: Amber w/ flowers – Yellow w/ white stripes – Blue w/ white decorations – White w/ black stripes: 75,00 kr. (one of each)

Macramé necklaces from Peru with pieces of Ayahuasca and stones (Green w/ Onyx – Green w/ Tigers Eye – Black w/ Amethyst). 200,00 kr. (one of each)

Beautiful beaded bracelets from Peru handmade by the women of the Shipibo tribe: 150,00 kr. (one of each)