Plant Medicine

The Amazon Jungle

Humans have worked with nature and the medicine it contains for as long as we have existed. The plants are our allies and they are here to work with us; to help us heal and to help us transform. Our ancestors were very wise in regards to working with the plants for healing benefits and although some of this knowledge seems to be slowly slipping through our fingers it is luckily not completely lost. The plants are still here to teach us and to be our medicine allies.

The plants are our allies and they are happy to share their wisdom

Working with plants

Our beautiful planet contain so many plants with knowledge and healing abilities. We just need to learn or remember how to listen. No matter where you are in the world there will be plants around you with amazing healing abilities. All you need to do is pay attention and do some research. You always want to make sure that the plants you begin to work with are not poisonous in any way.

My own interest in plants was initially sparked through my work as a masseuse in the form of aromatherapy. I was fascinated by the use of plant medicine throughout history and slowly began working with essential oils in my treatments. From here my work has only grown deeper and deeper with the wonderful plants.

Dieting with plants

One way to get to know the plants more in depth is to diet with them. By devoting yourself to a particular plant you open up for the opportunity to learn from it. There are many different traditions of how to diet plants and the diets can last from just a few days to several months. If this is something you are interested in I can highly recommend reading the book “Sacred Plant Initiations” by Carole Guyett.

I have done some longer diets with Master Teacher Plants in the jungle but am also very keen to learn from the plants around me. Therefore, I often do smaller diets at home to get to know the plants I work with such as Sage, Lavender and Chamomile. My dream is to pass on some of the plant teachings I have received in future events. You will be able to see them in the calender or you can send me your e-mail address to receive my newsletter.

First we must learn how to listen

White Sage – Salvia Apiana
Chamomile flowers – Matricaria Chamomilla

Teachings from the Amazon

In April 2021 I had secured a spot on a 8-week Ayahuasca Curandera Initiation Course with the Ayahuasca Foundation. Being in the Peruvian Amazon jungle was undoubtedly the biggest learning experience of my life. I could not beforehand have imagined how the world of plant medicine would truly open itself up to me. But it did.

For 2 months I was completely devoted to learning not just about the plants but also from the plants. It completely changed my understanding and the depths of these teachings and a newfound respect for the plants was established. I suddenly got one step closer to understanding the depths of these plants and am now on a path where I wish to dive deeper into this knowledge. I see the reasons why our ancestors followed the traditions they did and why they worked with the respect around the plants as they did.

From my first journey to the jungle I realised that it would definitely not be the last. I feel called to work and diet many different Master Teacher plants and I look forward to continue building these relationships.

A pot of Ayahuasca in the making
One of the great Master Teachers Noya Rao