Plant Healing Ceremony

Please contact me if you feel called to journey with the medicine yourself

I have been guidet to work with the plants in a more traditional way

Who is this ceremony for

In the old Amazonian traditions it would only be the curandero, the shaman, who would drink the medicine and through his or her singing and other healing tools they would help diagnose and heal the people that came to them for help. In modern times the method of working with the medicine has changed so that it is now also the people drinking the medicine themselves. In this way the people do much of their own healing work with help from the curandero through medicine songs.

However, drinking the medicine is most certainly not for everyone due to numerous reasons. There are many contraindications with a brew like Ayahuasca such as:

  • Serious medical conditions
  • Heart, liver or kidney diseases
  • High blood pressure
  • If there is a history of mental health issues (in the family)
  • Many pharmaceuticals are contraindicators

I have been guided by the plants to specifically work with people who for one reason or other can’t or shouldn’t journey with the medicine themselves. Instead I offer to go on a deep journey on their behalf.

You can sort of say that I will be journeying with the medicine on your behalf

A different kind of ceremony

A ceremony like this is work on a very deep level and I only offer this kind of work to those who have an understanding of the nature of the work and a respect for the work that takes place. Therefore, we will have a talk beforehand to align expectations, talk about the ceremony and your intentions.

You can sort of say that I will be journeying with the medicine on your behalf and with your acceptance. With the help of the plants and my guides I work deeply on many levels and a Plant Healing Ceremony can take many different forms. It is impossible to say in advance exactly what a ceremony will look like, but here are some examples of things might happen:

  • I will sing and/or play instruments
  • I will do energetic healing work on your body
  • I will do physical healing work on your body
  • Direct messages might come through from your guides or others
  • I will be invited to work directly with some of the traumas you carry
  • I will purge on your behalf

On the day of the Plant Healing Ceremony we will take our time to go through the ceremony in detail and what things might come up. You will be offered a cup of Cacao to open your heart space while I will journey with the medicine. During the ceremony you can tune into what feels good for you; maybe you want to lay down and relax or stay seated in a meditation. You are also free to journal if things come to you during the session. At the end of the ceremony we will go through it all and talk about the session.

A Plant Healing Ceremony can take anywhere from 3-5 hours and the price is 2500 kr. per session